Never before has Mexico experienced such brutality,
living under the regime known as the

Led by a heartless tyrant..
he rules his family,
cartel and
country with absolute

Vicente’s wife, finds herself deeply imbedded with her husband standing by his side not just as his wife but as his ruthless business partner.
With their gripping chokehold on the country, she attempts to masterfully balance her life as a wife and mother.

The eldest son is a brutal street soldier that thirsts for money, power, and blood.
He believes it is his rightful
place to rule the family empire.
Young and educated,
Santino has grown up with a
privileged life.
However, after witnessing so much turmoil and devastation in his country at the hands of his family, he desperately looks to break away, and establish his own identity.
Santino wishes to clean up his country, provide better housing, jobs and medicine for his own people. Even if it means dismantling his family in the process.
The crown jewel of the family..
Young, sweet, innocent, and loved by everyone.
A little girl that looks to grow up and live
her life, will soon realize that violence and
vengeance are never too far away.
A powerful and intelligent lieutenant in the Sinaloa State Police. He is also the brother of Vicente.
He strives to enforce the law, rid his country of drugs, corruption and lawlessness.
With an acute sense of morality, he is deeply troubled as he fights not only his family, but a crooked police force and corrupt politicians.
A twisted tale of love, power, murder, betrayal, and agonizing heartbreak.
A gripping journey into this highly complex and deeply disturbing family.

A commanding thrill ride, La Familia takes you on a tragic and merciless
rollercoaster of emotions.

Buckle up and strap in as this story takes off bringing you on a relentless
mind-blowing crusade showing you firsthand how truly violent and twisted
this cartel family can be.
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The De Los Santos family has controlled the largest and most merciless drug cartel in Mexico for over fifty years. A ruthless dynasty, they are now in critical danger of being ripped to shreds as they struggle between their loyalties to the drug empire they have built and with one another. Vicente De Los Santos, supreme ruler, will have his throne challenged not just by his enemies but by his own flesh and blood. His power-hungry son, Ignacio, waits impatiently in the shadows for his opportunity to be king someday. Vicente’s younger brother, Aurelio, a Lieutenant in the Mexican police force, is torn between enforcing the law and doing what’s right, even if it means destroying his own family. Gabriella De Los Santos a cunning businesswoman, will protect her family and the empire they have created but at what cost? Santino De Los Santos, Vicente’s youngest son, is an aspiring college student and soccer player. Vicente is extremely proud of his son’s accomplishments and has high hopes for him to leave the family business behind, but can he? Lucita, the crown jewel of the De Los Santos family, is daddy’s little girl and the apple of her mother’s eye. She is innocent and unaffected by the evil of her family, but all that will soon change. Bonds will be severed, alliances challenged, and hearts will be destroyed. Bloodshed and collateral damage will ensue when war is declared on and within the De Los Santos family.

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Meet the author...
What would I like for you to know about me, hmm? Let’s see,

Prince has the biggest musical influence on my life by far.
Purple Rain in 1984, Darling Nikki, forever changed my life, setting me
on a musical path of deep appreciation. My musical taste are wide…..

It really depends on what I’m in the mood for.
I have a real disdain for people that are cruel to animals.
I love dogs but I am allergic to cats however,
I would still love to own one.
I ride or die with my Minnesota Vikings,
although they frustrate the hell out of me.
My all-time favorite show is Breaking Bad, which ruined every other TV show for me. Although The Sopranos, Sons of Anarchy, and Dexter are pretty damn dope and high on my list!
You can’t argue with me.
The toilet paper roll should go over,
not under.
I am stubborn, REALLY STUBBORN!
My Chinese Zodiac sign is The Tiger, along with Taurus the Bull…
I am a homebody and like super hero movies;
I tend to favor Marvel more than DC but I enjoy both.
I miss both of my grandmothers a lot;
I have so many questions for them now that I’m older.
I hate being cold, I would much rather be hot.
My friendship is not unconditional,
I require honesty and respect.
I get scared for my daughters, thinking about this crazy world we live in.
My worst fear is my daughters truly not knowing
how much they mean to me.

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